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Making Your Dream Come True

At Wind & Water Homes we believe in making your dream come true.  Sometimes knowing where to start is overwhelming and hard to know what the first step is.  We are here to help from start to finish.
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What are your needs?  This may seem like an easy step, but may be one of the most important.  Discuss what is important for you, your family and your future goals.  What is most valuable to you in your new home and what would be nice, but may not be necessary?  Having a clear plan on what you need in your home will make knowing the right one when you see it so much easier.
How much can you afford?  A common mistake with home buyers is they start looking for homes before knowing their finances.  This leads to frustration and disappointment when they find a home they love but then find out they're unable to obtain financing to purchase it.  Take some time to evaluate your finances and decide what you feel you can comfortably afford for a monthly payment.  We, then, can help facilitate contact with a lender to begin the application process.  The lender will then give you a pre-qualification letter that tells you exactly what you can afford.  Together, we will work with you and your lender throughout the process to secure your financing. 
Start your search!  Now that you've established what needs are a priority, and how much you can afford it is time to start looking at your options.  With this information we will be able to point you to the perfect home for you and your family.  We will discuss what area is best for you and what options we have available to meet the needs that are most important to you.  
You found your home!  You've searched and together we've found the one that meets all your needs and feels like home.  Once the contract has been signed we will contact your lender and help you make your way to the finish line.  This part can be overwhelming, but we'll take one step at a time and make sure it's as stress free as possible. 
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You've made it!  The day you've been waiting for has arrived!  Closing Day!  This is the day that we will work with the Title Company to sign all the final documents to make this home officially yours.  Together with the Title Company we will review all documents with you to make sure you have a clear understanding of your financing and legal documents.  Upon signing and funding you will be handed the keys to your new home!
Moving day!  The most exciting day of all!  While this can be an exhausting day, it is no doubt the most exciting walking into your home with your belongings.  We committed to walking this journey with you to the very end!  You will have been provided with a warranty booklet with all the information you need to set up your warranty portal and are just a click away for any concerns you may have upon moving in.
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